Welcome to the next generation of gaming!

Pavillion has been built from the ground up to give players, developers, content creators and Esports players the most superior gaming experience ever.

That's a bold statement, we know. But we think that we have the gaming platform that will revolutionise the way we play, build and interact.

Our open beta has been live for a year already!

- Launched June 2020 -

We're proud to have developed a tonne of world first features, and we're excited to say that we have plenty more still to come.


Get your hands on the next generation of gaming, live, as it happens.



Truly own your games.

Truly own your in-game items.

Have you ever wondered why platforms didn't let you do what you like with the digital items that you own?
Well, good question.

Now you can.


Play your way.

Connect Steam and keep your games.

Your Steam library and friends come with you - Pavillion allows you to play your current games and now also own your in-game items.

Your games, your friends, your choice.
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Ability to sell your games & inventory.

Ability to sell your in-game creations.

Your games and in-game items are now yours to do what you like with - Sell, trade, auction, rent, gift. Your in-game creations can also be minted and sold.

Gamers and content creators rejoice.


More Options

Freedom to use a business model that works for you, and works for your players

You can sell the game license, sell in-game vehicles, characters, clothing, weapons, ammunition, consummables - Run item auctions ... Anything you like.

Chose any sales mix - Find the right solution.
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More Revenue

More options = Better choice.

Better choice = More sales and happier players.

No two games, gamers, or game communities are alike.
The ability to tailor the options that best suit your game and your audience delivers better engagement and a better experience for developers and gamers.

Free Minting

All the benefits, without the costs.

Developers need the freedom to create their in-game items for sale on-demand and without finanical risk.

Pavillion takes care of the minting for you. No fees & Instant minting means no waiting and no stress.

Remove restrictions - Drive creativity.

Gaming Economy Disrupted

Gaming Experience Uninterrupted

Easy to Use

For gamers, create an account and we'll take care of setting up your encrypted wallet in the background.

For blockchain enthusiasts, safely connect your wallet for a seamless experience.
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Digital asset freedom. Finally!

Game licenses and in-game items are 100% owned by players.
They can be bought, sold and traded on platform and transferred to other chains.

Steam Integration

Gaming platforms unite!

Connect your Steam account to Pavillion to unlock access to your Steam library, while allowing you to discover, win, trade your in-game assets on Pavillion.


Since 14th Feb 2020, 4pm GMT


NFT - Non Fungible Tokens

Insta-mint NFTs

Mint NFTs on demand, as soon as, and only once they're needed.

Players get their in-game assets immediately - Developers get to set the rules for digital items and then let the platform take care of the rest.
Earn Earn Earn

In Built Store

Anyone can jump right in and get playing, collecting, building and trading.

Our in-built store accepts FIAT and crypto-currencies, and can be converted into our stable coin, GOATi Tokens, that have a risk-free fixed asset price.
RTS - Real Time Strategy Racing

Built for Esports

Gaming and Esport ecosystems reimagined by smart contracts.

Creating a sustainable business model by putting digital assets in the hands of Esports players, teams and leagues, and connecting with the fans like never before.


Built by game developers, for game developers

Our team use the same tools that you do, so we're building this together with you.

The Pavillion API can be quickly integrated into your game and take advantage of our game licensing and inventory on platform, and even connect to our inventory backend directly from Steam.

We've built Pavillion from the ground up to make integration and cross platform support fast and frictionless.

Interested in releasing your game or app on Pavillion?


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